Revenue Rehab: It's like therapy, but for marketers
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Human to human marketing executive and public speaker, MK Getler, is on a mission to bring authenticity and empathy into B2B organizations around the globe. With over a decade of experience building and leading marketing and business development teams, a keen ability to make meaningful marketing, and a passion for bringing inclusion and equity to the conversation, MK thrives on empowering others to actualize their potential in and out of the workplace.

When MK is not flipping tables in the marketing world, they’re found either in the surf or snow. Or perhaps off finding adventures big or small with their wife, Natasha, and pup, Kody.

March 23, 2022

The Anti-Bias CMO: How pro-growth CMOs can help eliminate unconscious…

In episode one of the Revenue Rehab podcast, The Anti-Bias CMO, Brandi Starr was joined by MK Getler to discuss the biases that e…

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